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Governance Systems

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application/pdf AT New Code of Corporate Governance 18May2017

application/pdf AT Manual of Corporate Governance filed 28 Jul 2014



Approval of Corporate Actions

All corporate actions taken by Atlas require the review and approval of the Board or its committees, or the management unit to which the relevant authority has been delegated. This ensures effective control over the execution of the Board’s operational, financial, and administrative plans.


Code of Corp. Governance

The CCG establishes the fundamental organizational structures that allow the implementation of Atlas’s governance policies. It prescribes the offices and functions that must be instituted to maintain adherence to best practices of corporate governance.

Likewise embodied in the CCG is Atlas’s recognition of the rights of its stakeholders and of its duty to adopt the programs and measures that are needed to preserve and protect such rights.



Atlas and CCC have undertaken measures to strengthen their systems for directing and monitoring compliance with all their legal, regulatory, and contractual obligations. The practices and protocols established in accordance with such initiative ensure the faithful performance by all members of the Atlas and CCC organizations of their duty to facilitate the fulfillment of externally and internally imposed requirements for the maintenance of uninterrupted, efficient, and responsible operations.


Good Governance

At the heart of good governance within Atlas and its subsidiaries is the promotion of a culture of shared accountability for the achievement of the goals of the organization as a sustainable business enterprise that is guided by a high level of ethical standards. Atlas always strives to develop corporate leadership that is committed to the optimization of shareholder value and to the enhancement of the rights of stakeholders.


Commitment to Employees

Atlas recognizes that its employees stand as a crucial pillar in its governance structure. As such, it gives utmost importance to the consistent implementation of human resource development programs focused on skills improvement, values orientation, and management training.


Reports to Shareholders

Atlas provides its shareholders and investors with easy and regular access to information regarding its activities and performance through timely disclosures of material events via the on-line disclosure system of the Philippine Stock Exchange, and by posting financial and operations reports on its official website.