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Atlas Consolidated Mining and Development Corporation ("Atlas Mining") is a company primarily engaged in metallic mineral exploration and mining.

It operates the Toledo copper mine in the province of Cebu through its wholly-owned subsidiary Carmen Copper Corporation ("Carmen Copper"). The Toledo copper mine is one of the Philippines' largest copper mines, thus making Carmen Copper a principal producer and exporter of copper concentrate in the country.

To optimize its operations, and in line with the expansion of its beneficiation plant, Carmen Copper is pursuing the development and commercial distribution of marketable by-products from its copper concentrate processing such as molybdenum, magnetite, and pyrite.

Atlas Mining also has a stake in the nickel laterite mining project of Berong Nickel Corporation ("Berong Nickel") in Palawan. Berong Nickel has been engaged in the direct shipping of nickel laterite ore since 2007.